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Get the ideal photo booth for your company! We offer you maximum flexibility and smooth project management. On request, we will accompany you through every step - from the initial conception to the professional implementation and evaluation of the event.
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We host the content created on the photo booth on the Telekom Cloud
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Highly innovative photo and video app for your live marketing campaign
Data collection and use always in compliance with strict EU directives
In your brand design
Always tailored to you with your brand assets
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Photo booths in Sweden for every budget

There is something for every event. We offer you the complete package:
Smart software paired with powerful hardware.

Buying or renting a photo booth in Sweden

The right solution for every event in Sweden

From trade fairs to roadshows - discover the full potential of our photo booth

Generate data in compliance with GDPR

Our photo boothes are the perfect tool for presenting your brand and attracting visitors to your exhibition stand


With our solutions, you can increase in-store customer interaction and brand engagement.

Corporate events

Strengthen team spirit together and create unforgettable moments.


Our photo boothes enable attention-grabbing promotion of your products and up-close interaction with your brand.

Concepts for your project in Sweden

Discover our wide range of options, such as personalized label printing, A4 poster printing, professional lighting modules and various camera options to take your photo booth experience to the next level.

Poster Print
Do you want to make your photos really big? With our various printer modules, prints up to A1 format are possible.
Transform your pictures into unique works of art by decorating them with mesmerizing patterns and geometric shapes.
AI Background removal
No more GreenScreen! Our AI automatically recognizes your motif and removes the background cleanly and reliably.
Product labels
Make a unique statement with our customizable labels that your customers can design with their own photo.
AR Face Filter
Our AR filters offer an incredible variety of creative effects and transformations to enhance your images.
AI FIlter
Simply pose and our artificial intelligence will create a unique work of art in the desired style.
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4 reasons why our photo booths are perfect for your event in Sweden

Erfahren Sie, wie unsere innovative Photobooth-Software Ihr B2B-Marketing transformieren kann. Von der Stärkung des Brand Engagements über datenschutzkonforme Datenerhebung bis hin zur Generierung von User Generated Content und Kundenbindung – wir haben alles, was Sie für eine erfolgreiche Brand Activation benötigen.

Brand engagement: Interaction between your brand and customers

Our software creates a dynamic platform for interactions between your brand and your audience. It promotes an immediate, emotional experience that strengthens the relationship with your target group and significantly increases your brand engagement.

Data collection: GDPR-compliant data processing

With our software, you can collect valuable customer data without violating GDPR guidelines. We ensure that all data is collected securely, transparently and in accordance with the latest data protection standards.

User-generated content: authentic marketing material

Encourage the creation of user-generated content. Our Photobooth software enables users to create unique content that presents your brand authentically and creatively and can be shared online.

Customer retention and loyalty

Increase customer loyalty through an unforgettable experience. Our software not only provides entertainment, but also creates positive associations with your brand, which contributes to customer loyalty in the long term.

Our all-in-one service

Service from start to finish in Sweden

With us, you get everything from a single source. From conception, design, programming and logistics to the final evaluation.


You will receive detailed product advice so that we can jointly select the best product for you. Our experienced project managers are always on hand to advise you.


We present you with customized solutions for optimal campaign results and design your individual user flow - including hardware branding and graphic presentation of your brand world.


At the end of the project, we will of course take care of collecting the photo booth and providing a detailed evaluation of the entire project. Our KPI dashboard then shows you the success of the campaign.

In and around Sweden

Available throughout Europe

Spontaneous availability
With our large stock of photo boothes, we can respond spontaneously to your request and turn events into unforgettable experiences, even at short notice.
Thanks to our efficient shipping system, we deliver our photo boothes quickly and reliably to their location within Europe.
Suitable for every budget
Whether a low-budget project or a high-end design - with our wide range of products, we guarantee high-quality solutions for every requirement.

Flexible payment options

We know how difficult it can be to make large investments all at once.
That's why we offer flexible payment options to make buying our photo boothes as easy as possible.

Always the latest technology

Make your customers stand out

Our photo booth includes intuitive software that gives you maximum flexibility and control. Customize your photo settings with just a few clicks, add filters and make your customers shine. We also offer a variety of add-ons, such as branded print layouts, social media integration and data analysis tools.

Fotobox Beispiele

Momente die wir bewegt haben

Schauen Sie sich unsere Kundenbeispiele an - ausgewählte Case Studies die Ihnen Beispiele eines Einsatz einer unserer Fotoboxen zeigen.

Data request form

GDPR-compliant data generation in Sweden

With our customizable data request forms, you can start a survey at the end of the recording, let your users take part in a competition, gain newsletter subscribers or request other relevant data.

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Buy/rent a photo booth - frequently asked questions
and answers

Do you have questions that are not listed? Please contact us!
1. Purchase/rental FAQ
a) Shipping and delivery
How long does shipping take and does UpReach deliver worldwide?

We deliver our photosystem hardware worldwide. The delivery time always depends on the country. Within the European Union we usually deliver within 4-5 working days.

How far in advance do I have to book the UpReach photo booth?

We recommend booking as early as possible to guarantee availability, especially during the high season. However, we can often fulfill last-minute requests.

b) Pre-configuration and setup
Is the photo booth set up by the UpReach team before dispatch?

Yes, it is our goal that our customers do not have to carry out any installations and configurations. Unpack, connect to the power supply and get started.

What preparations do I have to make as a customer for the installation of the hardware?

Our photo systems can vary greatly in size and weight. If you want to set up the system yourself, we always recommend several people for assembly and dismantling.In addition, a power supply should be guaranteed.

2. Photo booth FAQ
Is an Internet connection required?

Yes, a stable internet connection is required for the smooth running of the event and especially for our background removal services. If you have concerns about the internet quality at your event location, we also offer optional 5G routers that can ensure a fast and reliable connection. However, this option is not included as standard in the purchase price and must be booked separately.

What is included in the purchase price/rental price for an UpReach photo booth?

It all depends on what you book. We offer a variety of modules, from basic equipment to special add-ons. You have the option of customizing your photo booth in the store or contacting us for a custom-made offer. This way we can ensure that you get exactly what suits your event best.

How is the photo booth set up?

Assembly varies depending on the model. However, we provide detailed instructions and offer an optional assembly service.

How customizable are the UpReach photo boothes?

For example hardware branding is available for the UpReach Pro and Classic. You can design the user interface and configuration of your photo booth yourself with your own cloud access. We also offer an optional creative and software service.

Which software is used?

Each photo booth comes with our specially developed software for maximum interaction and user-friendliness. A workshop on how to use the software is included in the purchase price.

Is the software user-friendly?

Yes, our software is specially developed for the best possible interaction at corporate events, trade fairs and marketing campaigns. It is intuitive and requires no prior technical knowledge.

Can UpReach develop customized software solutions for my specific needs?

We even specialize in individual software solutions. We now have a broad portfolio of different software solutions, from complex 3D interaction, online stores, to customized landing pages, we always strive to fulfill your every wish.

Can the UpReach photo booths and systems also be set up outdoors?

Yes, our photo boothes can be set up both indoors and outdoors. For outdoor events, however, we recommend taking a few extra precautions, such as a weatherproof shelter to protect the technology from rain or strong sunlight.

How are the photos available?

The photos taken with our photo booths are available immediately. You can download the photos directly to your cell phone using a QR-code scan or send them to yourself by e-mail or SMS. If you book an optional printer, you can also print out the photos directly on site.

Do you offer training or instructions on how to use your products?

Of course, we offer workshops of all kinds and help you whenever we can.

How can I find the right offer for me?

You can put together your own package in our shop or request a personal consultation for a customized solution.

3. Certification and standards
What makes UpReach hardware products stand out?

Our products are CE, RoHS, FCC and ISO 9001 certified and therefore not only meet the highest quality standards, but are also suitable for worldwide use.

4. Technical support and maintenance
Do you offer technical support for your products?

In addition to detailed instructions and a software workshop, we also offer technical customer support - we can be reached via live chat or email and provide support as quickly as possible.

5. Agency services
What services does the UpReach Agency offer?

We offer various services such as conception & project management so that our clients can sit back and relax. Product and graphic design to take our clients' campaigns to the next level and software development as well as technical consulting on all aspects of live interaction / brand activation.

The FAQ are updated regularly, so changes may occur. Status: February 2024

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